Sporades Islands

The trademark

of Thessaly

7 days cruise to Sporades islands from Volos – Unique Sporades

Suggested program:
1st day
Arrival at the port of Volos. Accommodate to the boat, get know the skipper, present yacht’s itinerary, and a short chart briefing choosing destinations. Free time to enjoy vivid port of Volos. Taste meze to the traditional tsipouradiko (tavern). Overnight stay.
2nd day
The cruise begins and our first stop for a swim is the Island Trikeri. It is situated at the end of Pagasitikos Gulf (approx. 3 hours of sailing.) Island Trikeri has a picturesque fishing village without cars, and quiet sandy beaches. The client can choose to prepare their meal in the boat or pick a tavern for fresh fish and taste the local cuisine. Arrive late to the evening to the port of Skiathos with an intermediate stop for a swim to the south part of the Island. Skiathos town has great historical and cultural interest with a great variety in day and night entertainment. Skiathos is also ideal for night life, offering you a vast choice of restaurants, bars, pubs and cafes that are scattered in a labyrinth of narrow streets in the picturesque old town centre. Overnight.
3rd day
We sail through the Skiathos Strait and learn the basic of the art of sailing. We stop for swim to Island Tsougria, an uninhabited island full of pine trees only a yacht can reach with a beach bar, a famous yacht destination. Early in the evening we leave Tsougria and we steer to the south part of Island Skopelos, to Panormos Bay. It is an idyllic bay surrounded with a pine tree forest, shelter for yachts. We anchor and use the dinghy to reach the shore, a picturesque bay with fish taverns. Overnight.
4th day
We set sail to the main port of Island Skopelos, to the northwest side of the island. We stop to Stafulos beach for swim, here the pine woods reach into crystal clear waters and offer you their shade. It is a well known beach with beach bar. In the evening we arrive to the main port of Isl. Skopelos. It is the second island and the most verdant in the Aegean Sea. Free time to visit Chora and enjoy the vivid life of the island. Overninght.
5th day
We leave Skopelos behind and set sail to Alonissos. It is a peaceful island with many places worth to see. We stop for a swim at any one of the many beautiful bays on Alonissos. We dock in Patitiri, the main port of Alonissos. We take the bus and go to Chora which is the old capital on the hill, a picturesque village, recognized as a world capital heritage site by the UNESCO. Overninght.
6th day
Return to the edge of Pagasitikos Gulf, Agia Kuriaki. A small fishing village, were you can find traditional fish tavernas. Intermediate stop for swim. Free time. Overnight.
7th day
Departure for the port of Volos. Arrival in the port of Volos around 10:00 a.m