The islands

of the seals

7 days cruise to Sporades islands – Centaur

On this relaxing sailing holiday we cruise along the Northern Sporades Islands: Skiathos, Skopelos and Alonissos. Three islands that complements, where thousands of tourists arriving each year from every corner of the planet. The verdant green forests compete the infinite blue of the Aegean and crown astonishing beaches, places for unforgettable holidays. From our base in the Port of Skiathos we travel by sailboat, bicycle and on foot to explore the region’s breathtaking landscapes, rich culture and to discover delicious secrets of Greek cuisine. In a week we cruise along Alonnisos, where we visit Patitiri, the island’s port and capital, we continue sailing through the National Marine Park, explore small bays and swim in the blue clear waters of Kyra Panaghia Islet, an old Pirate hiding place. We visit Steni Vala, a picturesque fishing village and continue to Old Alonissos, the former capital of the island. We explore Skopelos Island and in Panormos we enjoy a cooking lesson and a demonstration on how to make a Skopelitian Tyropita. We will also visit Ai Yiannis Kastri, a small church with excellent views. Here we will recognize scenes of the film “Mama Mia”. We continue our cruise to Skiathos, the cosmopolitan jewel of the Northern Sporades, where we swim at the beach of Koukounaries, one of the best beaches in the Mediterranean. There are also opportunities for walking, biking, watersports and for enjoying the party atmosphere of Sporades famous beach bars. If you feel like relaxing, then just stay on board and enjoy the view!
Suggested program:
1st day
Arrival at Skiathos Airport and transfer to our sailing boat at Skiathos Port, approximately 2.5km away. A safety and orientation briefing will be given, where you will meet your crew and fellow travelers. We will then start our sailing tour sailing towards the Port of Skopelos. In the fair town of Skopelos or Chora, with the close-knit houses surrounding the Citadel, we will enjoy a welcome dinner at a local traditional restaurant. You can also take the opportunity to explore this bustling town, enjoy the party atmosphere of Skopelos’ nightlife or just have a cosy rest on board.
Included meal: Dinner
2nd day
We start our sailing day heading to Alonissos, the island of the seals. We anchor in Patitiri, the island’s port and capital. Here we have the chance to visit the Folklore Museum, a stone building exhibiting artefacts from the history and tradition of the island, and the Association for the Study and Protection of the Mediterranean Seal. We will welcome on board our environmentalist, for an excursion through the National Marine Mark*, where the remaining numbers of the Mediterranean Seal (Monachus-Monachus) are being protected. On our return, we will moor in Ormos Planitis, one of the largest natural harbours in the Mediterranean, at Kyra Panaghia Islet. This harbour was used as a safe haven by pirates in order to escape Byzantine forces. Kyra Panagia is a small, uninhabited island owned by the Athonite monastery of Aghias Lavras.
Included meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
* Guided tour in National Marine Park
3rd day
We head to Peristera Islet, a small, uninhabited island very close to the east coast of Alonissos, mostly covered in scrappy bushes, for a few goats to graze. Despite its small size, Peristera is a peaceful and dreamy spot where one can enjoy beautiful beaches and a quiet swim. We set sail to Steni Vala a picture-postcard fishing village with a lovely beach, situated in the eastern part of Alonissos. A visit to the fish taverns will leave us with an authentic taste of the seafood delicacies of Alonissos. After lunch we will spend our evening with watersports or relax and have a swim off the beach before we transfer to Old Alonissos*, the former capital of the island. Today it is literally undergoing a rebirth and impresses with its renovated houses and picturesque streets. Built on an imposing site, it looks like an eyrie built high above the Aegean.
Included meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
* Sightseeing in Old Alonissos
4th day
The day begins by following the “Discover Scuba Diving” Program* guided by professional dive instructors (Certified by PADI, IANTD and CMAS). We continue sailing to Leftos Yialos, a large beach surrounded by olive groves, with round white pebbles and amazing waters that make swimming an unforgettable experience. Tasty dishes will be served at the local tavern of the beach. After lunch we sail towards Skopelos Island to anchor at Panormos, a natural harbour, which is believed to be one of the most scenic places, with respect to the beauty of the nature surrounding it. Here we will have the chance to take part at the preparation of a barbeque night on a sea side family house.
Included meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
* Optional: This program is for anybody who is 8 years or older and wishes to try diving. Everybody has the opportunity to dive, unless you have certain health problems which you will discuss with the trainers. The whole process is carried out according to relevant laws and rules of various diving organizations such as PADI- CMAS- IANTD. Our major aim is to achieve the highest safety and enjoyment possible for our guests, as well as an excellent service.
5th day
Today we start the day with a bike tour from Panormos up to Kastani beach where will stop for swimming. Kastani is one of the most beautiful and attractive beaches on the island. From Kastani we will sail to Ai Yiannis at Kastri*, a picture-perfect chapel built on the top of a steep rock. Climb up the steps carved into the rock and enjoy a marvelous view of the Aegean! The chapel became famous worldwide when the wedding scene from the film “Mamma Mia” was shot there. Here we will prepare the famous Skopelitian Tyropita** (cheese pie) with the village ladies. For the night we will sail back to Loutraki, the seaport of Glossa. It is here that remnants of the acropolis walls of ancient Selinounta (4th BC) were discovered and this is also the site of the temple of Athena (5th BC)
Included meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
* Sightseeing in Ai Yiannis Kastri
** Cooking
6th day
On day six we start sailing towards Skiathos, at Koukounaries beach, one of the best known beaches of Greece worldwide. It is known as Golden Sand (Chrysi Ammos), due to the fine beach sand that glitters like gold under the summer sun. It has been listed as the third most beautiful beach in the Mediterranean. Besides its deep blue, crystal-clear waters, this beach provides holiday-makers with the unique opportunity to combine rest and enjoyment, as the forest of Koukounaries ends a few meters from the sea. Here we will swim, relax, and those who want to explore the forest will have the chance to participate in a horse riding* route. In the evening we set sail to Skiathos town, where we will anchor for the night. A stroll through the town’s paved streets brings to light cute white houses with red tiled roofs and colourful gardens. The picturesque harbour surrounded by four small islets is a sight not to be forgotten.
Included meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
* Horse riding, optional
7th day
In line with your flight schedule, we will transfer to Skiathos Airport. For those who have time, a guided walking tour can be organised to get to know the town of Skiathos.
Included meal: Breakfast

Please note that our itineraries may be altered, either for operational reasons (windward) or in response to your feedback. Please ensure you have read the latest tour description before booking your tour.