From Greece

to Turkey

A cruise to remember

14 days cruise to Greece and Turkey

14 days cruise to Samothraki, Canakkale, Silivri, Istanbul, Prince islands, Sarkoy, Canakkale, Limnos & Thassos islands – Marmaras’ sea, Istanbul, Troy & North Aegean


A magnificent excursion full of history. A sailing voyage which combines two seas, Aegean sea and Marmaras’ sea. The participants will visit the islands of Thassos, Samothrace, Limnos in Greece and Marmara and Princess island in Turkey. Also, the town of Canakkale, Silivri, Sarkoy, Istanbul and the legendary Troy

1st Day
Keramoti – Samothrace. 40nm ~ 6h
2nd Day
Samothrace – Canakkale, Turkey. 60m ~ 8.5h.
3rd Day
Excursion to Troy.
4th Day
Canakkale – Marmara Island. 60nm ~ 8.5h
5th Day
Marmara island – Silivri. 45nm ~ 6,5h
6th Day
Silivri – Istanbul. 35nm ~ 5h
7th Day
Excursion to Princess islands.
8th Day
Istanbul –Sarkoy 85nm ~12h
9th Day
Sarkoy – Canakkale. 45nm ~6.5h
10th Day
Canakkale – Moudros, Limnos 60nm ~8.5h
11th Day
Moudros – Mirina, Limnos. 15nm ~ 2h
12th Day
Mirina – Limenaria,Thassos. 40nm ~ 5.5h
13th Day
Limenaria – Limenas, Thassos. 25nm ~ 4h
14 th Day
Limenas – Keramoti. 6nm ~ 1h
Total nautical miles 485 / 630
This program is just a suggestion. The participants can make changes according to their desires.